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Test Drive August 2002

Summertime is the best time to visit Casper, Wyoming for a test drive through the mountains. And what a drive it will be - The smell of Aspen and Evergreen trees blows through the open windows, filling the cool Parchment colored cabin as you guide the GTO under cloudless blue skies, up and over the mountain pass. You are gaining altitude as the Tiger Paws hold tight to this piece of two lane blacktop. Both of your hands are on the wheel as this is a test, both of you, and this machine you've come to meet. Reaching for second you master a tight right turn, then feel the acceleration of the 335 horses as you quickly regain speed, third gear now, and finally fourth. You let out a breath of air and that certain slight grin you have starts to appear in the corners of your mouth. Yes, your shoulders are "Rared back" as you put the GTO through it's paces, finding your way up the winding road to the summit. You tell yourself, it is time to get out and get a closer look at this car you have been mated to for the past hour. You are alone as you park on the highway turnout at the top of the pass. The view is breathtaking, snow capped mountain peaks line the horizon and the green valley below winds its way along the river, a panorama that holds you. You cannot look away for a long time. You find it truly remarkable that a country this wide and beautiful still has found room for you. Then you remember what brought you to this place. The 67 GTO hardtop is resting there on this mountaintop perch, its deep purple paint is glistening in the sun, showing it's tiny flecks of gold. The white vinyl top reminds you of the snow capped mountains in the distance. The car hasn't changed in all these years and you haven't either.

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