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Dear Uncle Frank, March 27, 2002

Thanks for the email pictures of the pies you made for the family gathering. Key Lime and Coconut. It's a shame you had left overs and only one person had room for pie after dinner. My brother Skee always has room for pie -- he loves it. You could put Meringue topping on an air cleaner lid and he'd be in there cutting a piece with a hacksaw.

It's 5 degrees and Fair this morning. Or so says the Internet home page. Bright Blue Wyoming skies. A perfect day for taking a GTO body off it's frame. The sand blaster man has to have the frame today. Our best rust free frame was under about a foot of snow. Of course, it was still connected to it's original 64 convertible body. I've found you don't even need a creeper in these situations. Just slide under the car make your "snow angel" and go to work. Crank a few bolts (that have been there since 1964) and in only four or five hours the frame will come loose.

The warehouse crew was on Spring Break, so it was time to see what kind of women we had working in the office. They looked a little "wispy" for the job, but the three of them trudged through the snow to help. After a few cut fingers, and a couple of face plants in the snow, off came the car body. "Now," I said, "you get to help me push it up the hill into the shop. Don't worry about the flat tire, she'll just slide across the snow." So what if your fingers are stuck to the frame -- that just gives you a better grip. Finally we got the frame rolled into the shop, but those office women are going to have to beef up if they are going to be "car girls." I bet that Miss Hurst wouldn't take two hours to push a GTO up the hill.

I tried to remind them how beautiful this 64 GTO convertible would be, and how cute they would be riding around this summer. The girls liked helping me with the car so much, they offered to take me skiing after work. They wanted to see how well I could ski roped to the bumper of the truck, blind folded, with my hands tied behind my back. I told em' I was a "gentleman car racer" and did not know too many skiing tricks.

Somehow, I think they would have known how to serve their boss your left over pie.

Your favorite Nephew gary

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